Our Adoption Journey


Welcome to our adoption website!


We are adopting from China! The decision to adopt was planted on our hearts long before we discussed it as a couple. The adoption process includes many joys and wonders that are worth the headaches and challenges encountered along the journey.


We pray that our transparency through this process will not only educate you about the adoption process; but encourage, uplift or inspire those who may be going through, or preparing to go through adoption. 

- Bethany and Jason


Choosing To Adopt

God weaves families together in different ways - and how He is bringing our family together is nothing short of a miracle.


Adoption has been on our hearts since we started dating in 2002. But to be honest- the thought of adoption was scary. The process can take years, and the cost has been a barrier that often prevents many couples from adopting.  While adoption was our initial plan- we let the fear, doubt and complexities of the process steer us down a road that was never meant to be.


Turns out... having children biologically wasn't God's plan for us. Not only did He close this door, but we started to see Him open other doors that we couldn't help but take note of. Adopting parents and adoptees were brought into our life through random interactions, changes to our household allowed for more financial flexibility and freedom, and the fears and doubts just sort of melted away. 


We took the first step in this journey in July 2018 and haven't looked back. 

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Our HEART Belongs to China

At the start of this process we were open to a child, any child, from anywhere.  As we became more educated about the process, the requirements and the time some countries mandated, it became clear that China was where the Lord wanted us.  Not only did we meet all of the requirements set forth, but more importantly there are literally thousands upon thousands of children in orphanages that need forever homes.

There have been many changes around adoption in China over the past several years. Healthy, newborns are now adoptable only from Chinese families in the country, but older (12mo+) with correctable special needs are continuing to be adopted from the United States and internationally. 

The Adoption Process 

Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork.  Practically everything you do in regards to the paperwork has urgency and the need to be certified, notarized and/or authenticated.  The adoption process timeline is different for each family- ranging from as little as 10 months, up to 5 years! From the time we started this process it was communicated to us that we can anticipate a timeline of about 18 months. Of course, this timeline is dependent upon a variety of factors; from how quickly a couple can move through the process, to what age & medical conditions a family is open to. Within the process are key milestones to achieve- which we have laid out in a timeline to reflect where we are in the process. 



Have you heard the news? We've been matched. Meet our precious girl Mia.


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