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1 Samuel 1:27 - Big News!

Oh my goodness –We have exciting news! The child we have prayed for, hoped for, dreamed for – God has delivered. We have been matched and we are going to China!

It’s hard to explain the gamut of emotions that are going through us right now. Excitement, awe, wonder at the lovingkindness of our Lord, great anticipation, overwhelming joy and let’s be honest – more than just a little bit of panic. Maybe we should explain how this all came about.

A little over two weeks ago we had a call with our agency, Holt International and were informed that it would be at least another 10-12 months before we’d be matched with a waiting child. The process was moving slow and there were many, many other families ahead of us that had the same basic criteria that we were looking for to adopt.

Of course, from this information we were discouraged and sad. I’d even say we were super frustrated – already a year into this process with all of the paperwork, homestudy and dossier – and NOW we’re being told it’ll be at least another 10 months to a year before being matched. On top of that it even after being matched it would be another 3-4 months before travel. Not what we wanted to hear.

God has an amazing sense of timing however, and was gracious to us as He heard our prayers. Literally the very next day an email was sent from Holt identifying waiting children. Jason just happened to be home early that day and immediately saw a little girl that matched ALL of our criteria we were open to. He couldn’t believe it and immediately called me and told me about her. I said, yes – let’s inquire! Jason reached out to Holt and immediately asked about this little girl. As it turns out, no one had inquired about her yet, so Jason said that we were very interested and we’d like to look further into her file.

Holt sent us the file and the little girl’s name (English name – not her Chinese name) was Yana. We both thought Yana was a unique name and not typical, so we looked it up. Yana means – God Answers. We looked at each other and just knew. God has answered our prayers. And this little girl was and is an answer to prayer. That is why our blog post is titled 1 Samuel 1:27 – “for this child I have prayed.” Everything about this little girl matched what we have wished and prayed for. We are so grateful to the Lord for providing this child to us and have felt His presence as we move forward to bringing her home.

Now we are in the process of working through the paperwork to specifically adopt Yana (by the way: we have already chosen a different name for her – but we’ll announce that later). We are anticipating traveling sometime in November or December of THIS YEAR!! to bring her home. Of course, will be updating our blog and website as we move closer in process.

Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. We are so happy right now and excited to be growing our family. If you have any specific questions please feel free to reach out to us on the comment section on our website.