• Kennedy Family

Beyond the Paperwork

The adoption process is filled with endless amounts of paperwork. Yet- beyond the huge stacks of paperwork, signatures, notary and certification stamps- there is the excitement to create a space that welcomes our child with love, security and plenty of fun.

Our nursery has been ready since January 2019. At this time, we didn't know if we were going to have a girl or a boy. It has been so much fun finding and acquiring items (one at a time) to complete the nursery in our Around the World theme. From hot air balloons, jumbo teddy bears from Costco, books and blocks, we have just about every square inch planned out.

We typically keep the door to the nursery closed, but only recently discovered a few trace red hairs, and the faint outline imprinted in the rug from none other than the soon-to-be big sister Tillie. She has made this room her own, often found sleeping in the entrance, near the crib, or sprawled out on the rug.

I think one thing is clear. Tillie CANNOT WAIT to meet her little sister!