• Kennedy Family

I-800 Approval 🎉🎈😃😁🎈

We received fantastic news last week. Our I-800, approval from the US Gov’t, came in last week clearing the last major hurdle to bring Mia home. We are so excited and are in the midst of planning the flights, hotels, transfers and everything else that goes into making a trip halfway around the world to pick up your daughter and bring her home.

Here is even better news. The approval came in quicker than expected. This means that we may be bringing Mia home even sooner! We had thought and were told that realistically we’d be traveling in December to bring Mia home – but with the paperwork coming through faster than anticipated we are now looking at traveling a whole month earlier. Right now as we speak it looks like we could leave in early November to bring Mia home.

Of course we are beyond excited about this and don’t want our daughter to spend one more day away from home than she has to. We just wanted to share this exciting news with all of you that are following along on this amazing journey to bring Mia home.

So, a few more things need to be accomplished. We need to get a letter from the National Visa Center. This letter gets sent to China and the US Consulate in China sends that letter to the Chinese authorities who will then issue our Travel Approval to come pick up Mia. Once we get travel approval we have a 90 day window to arrange everything, travel and bring her home. We’ve been told by our agency that this process is fairly routine and it’s very realistic to be looking at a November date to head to China.

"We are so excited to meet you Mia, and counting down the days!! "