• Kennedy Family

Love Crosses Oceans

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

This bag is the closest physical thing we have to our daughter. It is the first purchase we made that had our daughter’s name sewn across the back. I literally burst into tears (okay, ugly cried) when I opened the box and saw her name on this tiny little backpack. As a Mom, it made this moment so real for me - and I would be lying if I said I haven't dreamed of the day where I could actually purchase belongings for my children. This made it very real!

We have bought numerous toys and filled the nursery with furniture. But with this little backpack, something about having her name displayed across the back of this tiny bag was different for us. She is our daughter.

One day soon, she will carry this bag that displays the name we gave her. And in it, everything she owns. Mia’s entire life, her treasures, everything most precious to her will fit into this one tiny bag.

There is something so real for us now seeing this little backpack knowing that Mia is our daughter. Yet here we are separated by an immense ocean and haven’t even met yet. We hope she knows that our love for her has reached across this vast expanse and she knows that she has been an answer to our prayers. A blessing beyond comprehension. She is a blessing to us in ways that she doesn’t even know – and we are the lucky ones to soon have this little girl in our lives.

We know the day we first meet will be tough for Mia, filled with grief of leaving her old life behind. She will recognize our faces – but she doesn’t yet know us. We can only pray that when we do meet this little girl she feels loved so tremendously already. This little backpack represents a tangible reality to our future with Mia and we have so many hopes and dreams for her.

Our family, specifically each of our moms are ecstatic to be grandmothers and each in their own way has made it clear that Mia is overwhelmingly loved and fair warning – will be spoiled. Aunts, uncles, cousins and friends have all shared in our joy of bringing Mia home.

This backpack is displayed proudly in her bedroom. I bought it days after we received letter of acceptance. For now the room sits empty - and even though we are only months away from meeting her, traveling to pick up our precious Mia can’t come soon enough.

Our love for you Mia reaches across the ocean. We cannot wait to hold you!