• Kennedy Family

❤❤Meet Mia ❤❤

Nothing gives us greater joy than introducing our friends, family and coworkers to our beautiful daughter Mia! The moment we gazed into her beautiful, expressive eyes- we instantly fell in love! Mia is described as intelligent, happy, and thrives in loud or chaotic environments (perfect, right?). At the time that we bring Mia home, she will be 22 months.

As you can imagine, it is quite difficult to see your child, knowing that you must wait 3-4 months before you can physically hold, comfort and love on her.

Our family of 2 (plus Tillie & Bruce) will grow in love to be 3- and we are literally counting down the days to meet our sweet, baby girl. We plan to travel to China at the end of 2019 to bring Mia home.

As we prepare our home and hearts for Mia's arrival, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help. We have 3 ways in which you may support us.

1. Through prayer and words of encouragement. We will take all that we can get as we go through this process, and appreciate the support, encouragement and prayers from our friends and family.

2. Donate to our Waiting Children Fundraiser. We are raising money for waiting children in Mia's orphanage. This gift helps cover a variety of costs; from medical treatments, to operational expenses, to toys and furniture. China recently changed the orphanage gift from mandatory to optional for adopting families, and we want to make sure we are committed to providing direct support to the orphanage so the children under their care can have most of their needs met. 100% of this gift goes directly to the orphanage, and is tax deductible.

Any and all dollar amounts are appreciated and make a bigger impact than you realize. Thank you in advance for consideration. To learn more about the importance of this gift - you can visit our Gift For Waiting Children post.

3. Gift Registry For Mia- If you would like to bless Mia with clothes, diapers, toys or other items- we have created an online registry with essential items that will be waiting for Mia at her new home.